How to enable 90 fps in PUBG Mobile

By | December 8, 2020

Recently, OnePlus announced that they were teaming up with PUBG Mobile to provide gamers with an exclusive experience of the game at 90 fps. As a result of this partnership, the smartphone brand’s users will be able to exclusively play the game at this frame rate from 6th August to 7th September, following which all the players will be able to play the game at 90 fps on the phones that support it.

In this article, we discuss how the players can play the game at 90 FPS.

How to play PUBG Mobile at 90 fps
Currently, it is only exclusive to a few OnePlus devices that offer 90Hz display. Players that own any of the device from the OnePlus 7T/OnePlus 7 Pro/OnePlus 8 series will be able to play PUBG Mobile at the highest fps.

How to enable 90 fps in PUBG Mobile
It is easy to enable this feature, and the steps are given below:


Click on the settings icon

Click on the settings icon
Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile and then click on the settings icon which is present on the bottom right corner on the main screen.

Step 2: Navigate through the settings and press on the graphics tab.

Step 3: Select the 90 fps option present under the frame rate settings.

Players must also set the screen refresh rate at 90 Hz, which they can easily do by navigating through the display settings of the device.

90 fps will make the game much smoother than before, and will take the battle royale experience to the next level.

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Note: This article is for beginners, and while it may seem obvious to you, several new players often search for these ‘newbie’ methods! So before calling them ‘noobs’, remember you were in their shoes not long ago!

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